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Bracelets Size Guide

Use the size chart to determine your bracelet size.

Bracelet Size
Wrist Measurement
Wrist Measurement
5" (Kids) Up to 4.6" < 117 mm
6" 4.7" - 5.6" 118 - 142 mm
7" 6.1" - 6.5" 143 - 165 mm
7.5" 6.6" - 7" 166 - 180 mm
8" 7.1" - 7.5" 181 - 192 mm

Find Your Wrist Size

1. Wrap soft measuring tape, a strip of paper or string around your wrist just above the wrist bone.

2. If you are using paper or string, mark where the ends meet with a pen.

3. With the measuring tape, note down the measurement of your wrist or measure the length of paper or string against a ruler to determine your wrist size.

Additional Tips

By following our size chart guideline, you will find that we recommend sizing up from your wrist size for a comfortable fit.